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China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA) was founded in 1989. CPPIA is composed of units of plastics industry and its related industry on the basis of its regulation and voluntary application. It is registered for the first corporate body in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. Its aim is to serve the industry, to serve its members, to safeguard member's interests and to lead and promote the development of the industry. CPPIA is attached to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the state Council and the National Light Industry Council and its work is guided by them.
CPPIA functions as the bridge of the membership units and the government department. Its basic functions are as following:
◆ Reflecting ideas from the industry, studying the developing trends, assisting to work out the plan of developing strategy and economic and business policy
◆ Coordinating the relationship inside and outside the industry, taking part in the decisions for important projects
◆ Organizing the appraisal work of scientific and technological achievements, extending their applications
◆ Organizing technology exchanges and training and offering technological consulting service
◆ Taking part in quality management and supervision of products and instituting and emending of standard
◆Providing technological and market information at home and abroad for its membership units
◆ Editing and publishing industrial publishes
◆ Taking over the tasks from government departments concern

There are more than 2000 membership units in CPPIA. And it has over twenty subcommittees such as Agricultural Films, Plastics Devices for Water-saving Irrigation, Artificial and Synthetic Leather, PU, Plastics Pipes, Profiles for Windows and Doors, Injection Molding Products, BOPP Films, BOPET Films, Composite Films Products, Blown Molding Products, Woven Plastics Products, Rigid Sheet of PVC, Engineering Plastics, Fluoro Plastics Processing, Medical Plastics, Modification Plastics etc. And it covers areas of study, development, processing and application in national plastics industry. It edits and publishes CPPIA Communication, CHINA PLASTICS, WORLD PLASTICS, CFC Substitute communication, China Plastics Industry Annual, China Name List Encyclopedia of Plastics Industry and seminar paper collections etc.CPPIA is earnestly carries out the state policies and pushes actively the exchange and cooperation between international colleagues and improves the technology development of China plastics industry and raises the whole level. Let us work together to build bright future.

The Plastics Technology Cooperation Committee is a specialized committee under the China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA). Its precursor was the National Technology and Information Cooperation Network of Plastics Research Institutes which was founded in 1986. Its members include research institutes, universities, and enterprises which engage in research and development on synthetic resins, plastics additives, production, plastics processing, plastics machinery and mold. It is a professional association organized on a voluntary basis.

The Committee aims to use science and technology to aid economic development, to strengthen information exchange and technological cooperation between research organizations and manufacturers, and to promote the development of China’s plastics industry.

Under the direct leadership of the CPPIA, by means of organizing information dissemination, facilitating information exchange among its members, providing technical service and so on, the Plastics Technology Cooperation Committee has played an active role in promoting the technological advancement of China’s plastics industry for nearly 20 years. These activities combine university,industry and science and connect science and technology closely with the market. They not only embody the thesis that scientific research is the number one production force, but also serve to bring new ideas to manufacturers.

Chinese plastics research institutes have been undergoing reforms in accordance with related state policies in recent years. The Plastics Technology Cooperation Committee offers a place for plastics research institutes to exchange their reform experiences.

In order to meet the needs of current development and to share, exchange, cooperate and apply the latest research of plastics technology to an even wider extent, and to further promote the research, application, and dissemination of plastics processing technology, we have established the website www.plasteco.net, and our magazine, which used to be printed, is now published electronically.

The Plastics Technology Cooperation Committee of the CPPIA warmly welcomes people engaged in engineering, market management, and enterprise management to participate in our activities!

www.plastech.cn is our garden! Let us irrigate it together and make it thrive quickly!

The Plastics Technology Cooperation Committee of the CPPIA(www.plastech.cn)

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